Why kickboxers Need a Good Orthodontist

Kickboxing started off as hybrid martial arts during its introduction back in the 1970s. Gradually, kickboxing has evolved into one of today’s accepted combat sports. Both men and women are practicing this sport whether for a competition. Kickboxing has been practiced as a workout routine, due to the intensity of the sports that uses the entire body, along with its predecessors like karate and Muay Thai.

Depending on the level and type of practice, there is no doubt about the benefits of kickboxing. However, it is also important to know the safety precautions in doing this sport in order to avoid serious injuries. Despite being a great workout, it must be remembered that kickboxing can also be a brutal sport. This is precisely the reason why every professional kick boxer needs an orthodontist and other medical professionals to assist them immediately in the possible injuries involved in their sport.

Among the common injuries involved in kickboxing are dental and facial accidents. Without a good orthodontist go to, the injuries may lead to more severe and permanent damages to the mouth of the athlete, which could consequently derail the rest of his or her career. An orthodontist will be able to provide a more functional and reliable mouth guard for a given kick boxing session, while also giving follow-up check-ups whether there are certain dental conditions that require immediate clinical action.

We are emphasizing this in this post, because it is recently revealed that the orthodontic requirements in kickboxing are among the least to be prioritized. Naturally, other parts of the body are more exposed in this combat sports that they get most of the orthodontist for kickboxersattention, without realizing that the face and mouth also suffer significant damages with consistent kickboxing practices. This is also the reason why the gears used during a kickboxing should not be compromised. Here is a list of the commonly used kickboxing protective gears:

1) Gum Shields – this is where a good orthodontist matters, because they will be able to properly give you a fit for the shields, which will comfortably hold on to your mouth despite a rigorous activity like kickboxing.

2) Head guards – the head is another part of the body that needs to be properly protected to prevent fatal injuries. Head guards come in various sizes and have padded inner sides for a comfortable fit. Look for head guards that also provide good cushioning for the ears.

3) Shin guards – if there is one part of the body that is more exposed to the rest, it would be your shin. With this, wearing shin guards is already a kickboxing safety standards. This gear will be able to absorb impact and shocks, thus keeping your legs free from pain and bruises.

4) Groin guards – another important shield for kickboxing is groin guards, to prevent the sensitive area from further impacts. Although it is technically against the kickboxing rules to kick the groin area, it is still highly recommended to wear one especially during competitions. Groin guards are available for both male and females.

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