What you need to Practice Muay Thai in your Backyard

Are you planning to practice Muay Thai at home, in the backyard? That definitely sounds like a great idea. You don’t have to go out, stuck in a traffic and waste some time just to get to the gym to practice. You can set up a good practice area in the backyard.

With that however, there are several things that you need to make it happen. You’ve got to setup some stuff around to make your place conducive for training and practice. If you think setting it up at home is such a great plan, then let’s take a good look at some ideas how to get started.

Backyard Practice

Using your own backyard to practice is such a great idea. The Backyard Site has more ideas about how you are able to make your backyard as useful as possible. So when it comes to setting up a good practice area, you know that you’ve got a lot of things to do. First, you need to clean and clear the backyard area. You need enough and a safe space for sparring and practice drills.

When you decide to practice Muay Thai in your own backyard, which would mean savings on your part. You don’t have to go anywhere just to practice. You can even some of your friends practice with you at home. So as you’ll have a sparring partner. So what are things that you need to get started?

Punching bags. You surely need this for your bag workouts. Lots of kicks and punches require a bag to take them. Of course you can buy it from any fitness store, but some people are good enough to make their own punching bags at home, a cheaper option. Not to forget that you’d need to have a sturdy platform where you can hang the bag. Or a big branch of a tree will always come in handy.

Foam matting. This is one thing that you need to have to make your backyard Muay Thai gym favourable. Remember that hard flooring may not be good enough when you’re practicing for it might hurt you or damage your joints when training. You can find a way to have them outside your backyard.

The Essentials.  Of course, most of all you need to have all the essential stuff and equipment needed such as a pair of gloves, head gears, shin guards, hand wraps, elbow and knee pads, and hand wraps, etc. These are the things that you need especially if you are planning to fight or compete. You need to get used to wearing them.

More Ideas

Before you decided to buy some of these stuff, you might to check out the kind of practice that you want to do at home. Some people may need some gym equipment to do some workout routines. It depends on your practice structure. You can start with the basics equipment though. Then eventually if you think you need more stuff in your backyard Muay Thai gym, them that’s the time for you to purchase some other equipment.


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