The Muay Thai Experience

Interested in Muay Thai?


You should be! Muay thai is an incredible sport that requires mental and physical fitness, focus, discipline, and a willingness to learn. Muay thai is one of the most respected sports in the world and has been increasing in popularity all over the world.

Muay Thai in North America

Muay Thai is definitely becoming more and more popular in North America. Where once boxing dominated the combat sport landscape, now it is merely part of skyline where MMA and other forms of martial arts dominate. This has led to an increased knowledge base among North Americans, and simply becoming more educated about muay thai has appeared to have resulted in a marked increase in popularity.

There are numerous muay thai gyms across North America, particularly in larger towns and cities. If muay thai is something you are interested in, we highly suggest visiting a local gym and asking for some information or a quick tour. We find that most trainers are thrilled to show their facility to prospective athletes, and they are usually pretty straight up about things.

Lots of people are intimidating to begin a combat sport without previous experience. It’s easy to say that everyone starts somewhere, but muay thai is different than other sports in that there seems to be a much greater sense of community. Moreover, in North America, most people who sign up at a muay thai club or gym usually don’t have any experience.

Additionally, do not worry if you are not in shape, as you will get in shape. Some people think that since they are currently athletes in different sports, that they will become accustomed to a muay thai workout immediately. This is not the case, as it is so completely different from most other sports. Muay thai is very specific, and no matter what your general fitness level is, you will have to become accustomed to the sport-specific techniques before fully participating in an individual workout.

Traveling to Thailand?

Although we haven’t tried this ourselves, we have some very close peers that have experienced training in Thailand for a 6 months to a year, and all have said it’s amazing.

We recognize that simply shipping out to a foreign country and beginning a training program for at least 6 months may not be the most practical route for some, but if it s something that is possible, or you are thinking of traveling south east Asia, then we highly recommend that you at least consider spending some time training in a local muay thai gym. This will offer a true authentic training experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself within the amazing sport that is muay thai.

Furthermore, these gyms often have a lot of travelers who are doing the same thing, and the gyms are used to this. One may think that by joining a gym you are throwing out the ability to travel, but keep in mind that you will meet lots of traveler at the gym, as well as friendly knowledgeable locals. Many who go this route find that they less like a tourist aimlessly traveling around, and more like a visitor who is accompanied by knowledgeable locals and fellow travelers.


We realize this may be a stretch for most, but for some this may represent an ideal option for traveling and experiencing a culture in a totally unique way.

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