Muay Thai Training at Home

Essentials for the Home

MTH_cropMany people enjoy muay thai, but it’s not uncommon for someone who loves muay thai to have a really busy schedule and perhaps play other sports as well. Although we always recommend training at a club or gym that specializes in muay thai and are run by knowledgeable trainers, sometimes this just isn’t possible. If you do decide to do most of your training at home, we suggest learning the basics at a gym first, just to try and prevent the formation of terrible habits like bad technique. In any case, we want to outline a couple strategies for creating a cheap and effective muay thai workout at home, or at least something similar enough to it.

Muay Thai and Boxing Gloves

Depending on what your exercises consist of and the types of bags you’re hitting, you may need particular styles of gloves. Boxing gloves are very common and there are a wide variety available in North America. Muay thai gloves are also common, just slightly less so. Boxing gloves tend to offer more protection and stability (usually), but muay thai gloves are much better for close range combat and being able grab. We find this site to has some great information about the best boxing gloves and muay thai gloves available.

Jump Ropes

Having a good jump rope is arguably the best value purchase you can make when it comes to muay thai training. A jump rope can be used for warm up, during your actual workout, cool down, and just squeezing in a quick workout when you have a chance. Jump ropes are very affordable, they take up hardly any space, and they are really easy to learn. We recommend every athlete has one in their arsenal, not just fighters. Please check out the same site for the best jump ropes under $20.

Punching Bags

Aside from cheaper speed bags, most punching bags are a bit more expensive than the above listed equipment. Additionally, often times you will need to set up a stand or hanger as well. Although it can be extremely convenient to have one in your own home, it may also be rather impractical, or may anger your significant other. Something a lot of people also don’t consider is the fact that the footprint needs to account for the punching bag AND you moving around it, so often times people think they have more room than they actually do.

Therefore, we would suggest inquiring around to local gyms and fitness centers about possible use of punching bags. This could be a cheaper alternative to signing up at a muay thai gym, and a good way of figuring out how much space you need for a bag at your own home, and maybe even what type of punching bag you prefer.


Generally speaking, the best way to start out with setting up your own home gym for muay thai is to start small. Get the essentials (mats, gloves, rope, maybe punching bag) and gradually work your way up. This may mean that you start out with more general workouts at home first, but it will save you from getting items that you need to return shortly after and just allows for better planning overall.


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