How to Properly Stretch and Prepare for Kickboxing

In whatever sports that you’re into, you definitely understand the real importance of proper stretching and warm-ups. Proper stretching and preparation helps you to improve your performance. But most of all, it’s a great way to keep yourself from getting into serious injuries.


If you are into kickboxing, the importance of proper stretching is even greater. Kickboxing, also called Muay Thai is one challenging sport in which it requires you to exert more power and energy. Given that, you are one inch away from getting hurt and injuries. In order to help you perform better, proper stretching and exercise routines are needed.

Getting Started

For newbies, getting started with kickboxing can be quite a challenge. It requires strength, power, endurance and whole lot more. Yet if you are really up for the kickboxing challenge, then know the following tips to begin with.

First off, find a trusted instructor. You certainly need to go some series of trainings, or probably you’ll have to attend classes. Next is to know your own capability. What you can handle. That way you aren’t pushing yourself too much, which will end you end getting injuries.

We all started are newbies, and mastering the art of kickboxing requires time, effort and determination. You also have to do regular workout and exercises. Not to forget about wearing the right gears for protection. Lastly, expect the unexpected. Feeling the pain is common when you’re just starting out, but all will pay off eventually.

Stretching and Preparing

strethcPreparing your body for action is always the first step. Proper stretching is important because it conditions your body and be ready for some real kickboxing action. It also keeps you away from straining too much if your body is well prepared.

The main reason why you need a reliable instructor is you need to have someone that could give you the right stretching ideas to get your body ready. Don’t forget that a good stretching program will help you improve flexibility, endurance and it prepares your muscle for the kind of fight that you’re soon be into. A good kick boxer is flexible enough to avoid blows and kicks.

Stretching samples:

Squatting. Done by standing, with your feet wide apart. One leg is straight with toes pointing forward and the other leg is bent, toes pointing on the side. Start lowering your groin towards the ground while resting your hands on the ground and on your bent knee. Remain on that position for few seconds, repeat.

Stomach Rotating Stretch. Lying with your face down, bring your hands closer to your shoulders. Then put your hips on the ground. Start rising up by straightening your arms while facing forward. Then bend slowly you one arm and rotating the shoulder towards the ground.

There are still a lot of stretching exercises that you can do. You can ask your instructor about it or check out some video exercises if you want to do the stretching on your own.

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