How to prevent common Muay Thai injuries

Muay thai is a part of the fighting industry where pro, amateur, and weekend warriors have gravitated to because it gives a great exercise, teaches functional movement, and can be used for self-defense. Many Muay Thai gyms have sprouted all over the world with practitioners increasing in number each day.

However, as with any fighting sport, Muay Thai athletes are no stranger to injury. The amount of force delivered from a punch even with gloves or the kicking leg delivered by an opponent can cause an injury if the hit is clean.

The injuries can be minor from black eyes to blisters. There are also serious injuries involved where fighters suffer a bruised rib, broken bones, or concussions due to the blows they sustained during a match.

There are also training injuries that might happen which involve a strained calf or a sprained ankle. Muay thai emphasizes constant movement which can lead to such injuries if the body is placed in an awkward position.

For an athlete, injuries are a part of the game and they’re willing to take all the pain associated with it to continue with the sport. While the passion is admirable, injury prevention during training should also be a priority for muay thai fighters to keep them from compromising their future in the sport. Here we have some suggestions.

Learn to cut back

Overtraining can be a serious detriment to the progress of an athlete. With overtraining comes injury, where athlete continue to train hard and don’t listen to their body that it’s already breaking down. Some even go on with their training despite having a nagging injury.

Training hard should be accompanied with training smart. Even Muay Thai fighters should learn to cut back with their training especially if they see small injuries here and there. Proper planning and execution of the training regimen should be emphasized by the trainer.

Body Recovery

A strong body makes a strong athlete. Muay Thai fighters should also incorporate exercises and methods that allow their body to make a full recovery from all the training or even from injury. Mobility work is a priority in Muay Thai gyms which allow the muscle to get strong and flexible to not only move well but also can take a hit.

A massage every now and then will also relieve sore muscles from training and competition as well. It facilitates good blood flow which allows the muscles to get stronger each day. Having a massage therapist will really help in preventing injury for a Muay thai athlete.

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