Choosing the right kind of protein powder for your body

If you are looking for the best results, then choosing the right kind of protein is key.  There are so many options out there that simply make it so hard to pick.

Some questions to ask

Before getting started, there are some questions you should ask yourself to help you decide which is the best protein powder for you.  You see, protein powder is very convenient and easy to prepare.  All you need is the powder, water, and a shake bottle or so.

But before you go to the market, make yourself the following important questions:

  • In what moment will you be taking the protein. If you say after a workout, maybe a whey isolate is the best choice since the body will digest it quickly.  In the case of you needing it as a quick supplement or substitute of a snack, then a casein protein powder is a good choice since amino acids are delivered slowly to your body.
  • Will you mix with water or milk?  Some powders have better results with milk, while a few may be better digested if dissolved in water or juice.
  • What is your main goal?  Since you are a kickboxer, probably your primary goal is to gain muscle.  If you are taking the protein powder to reduce fat and sleep better, then you are probably looking for a protein that is 100% protein, which no carbohydrates.

Types of proteins

Unfortunately, one might say, there is more than one type of protein and each one has a different purpose.  This list will help you decide which protein works best for you and how.

  • Whey concentrate is probably the most affordable type of protein. It is very likely for you to find this protein in most shelves of supermarkets.  Whey concentrate can be used as a pre and post workout and even between meals.  It is not recommended for use at night.
  • Soy protein is good for those looking for a more vegetarian diet.  The truth is that it is loaded with enormous benefits to its users.  Isoflavones support a healthy cholesterol diet.  It also speeds up metabolism by boosting thyroid hormone input.  It can be used for pre and post workout and between meals.  Not recommended for use at night.
  • Whey isolates are a bit more expensive option. Isolates are one of the quickest absorbing proteins.  They are perfect for anyone on a carb diet as they contain very little to no carbs.  Whey isolates can be taken as pre and post workouts.  The speed up muscle recovery and growth.
  • Hydrosylate protein is the highest quality type of protein out there, hence more expensive.  It is pretty great to your digestive system.  You can take it as pre and post workout.
  • Milk protein isolate is usually taken with other types of protein.  Not recommended to use at night, it can be taken anytime during the day.  It is full of amino acids contained in both casein and whey protein.

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