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Champion Muay Thai

Welcome to Champion Muay Thai! This website is dedicated to providing a unique insight into the sport of muay thai and other combat sports, training and workout tips for fighters, information about different equipment, and much more. Our writers consist of personal trainers, fighters, and guest authors who participate in or have interest in muay thai, boxing, and other related sports.

Our goal is to provide a common platform where both recreational and competitive fighters can easily browse around and find out cool new information that they may not have been previously aware of. Furthermore, we like to offer various perspectives, which helps make sure we don’t only provide bias information.

Furthermore, we focus on practicality. For example, if you are an elite fighter, chances are you have great resources at your disposal and if you’re looking for something, chances are you know what you’re looking for. Nevertheless, when it comes to training and equipment tips, you never know when a fresh perspective or someone else’s experience will come in handy. For more recreational athletes, we try to to make our information clear, brief, easy to find, and straight to the point. We know you probably don’t want to spend your day researching and reading, so we try to get the information across as clear as possible.

The Sport of Muay Thai

One of the main things we write about is the sport of muay thai in general. Often times this is not meant to improve skill, fitness, workout routines, etc, but more so just provides interesting takes on hot issues within the sport of muay thai, interesting history, fighter bios, and more. These types of articles are meant for those who simply have an interest in muay thai and would like some casual reading.

Training for Muay Thai

This will also be a large focus of the Champion Muay Thai. Whether you are a recreational athlete training for fun or an elite fighter preparing for your next match, anyone can benefit from workout training tips. Particularly, recreational athletes can often benefit from this as they can streamline their workout to match their schedules better, learn more about what is important in muay thai, and learn things that they may not see in their respective club or gym.

Muay Thai and other Fight Gear

One thing a lot of fighters are interested in is the equipment, and for good reason. In a sport where performance and protection are equally important in training, sometimes small differences in the equipment can have a large impact on a training regime. We won’t do too many equipment reviews, but more so when someone comes across a great resource or cool new product, we’ll showcase it if we feel it can benefit a lot of athletes who participate in muay thai, boxing, MMA, or any other similar sport.

If you have any questions or comments, would like to share an awesome resource, or anything else, please click here to contact us.